Some of Our Most Popular Programs

  • Stop Workplace Bullying & Incivility

    Judi Clements shows you how to begin the process of making your organization a civility-conscious place. You will learn how to implement an anti-bullying/civil workplace culture, get senior management buy-in to affect change, and build civility literacy in your organization.

  • If It Wasn't Documented It Didn’t Happen: Legal And Effective Discipline & Documentation

    A must program for new & experienced managers! You’ll learn how to separate poor performance from poor attitude, counsel employees, and write Performance Improvement Plans. You’ll also learn how to keep a legal Performance Log to document both good and substandard performance. You’ll learn how to implement discipline with confidence and accuracy.

  • You Can’t Manage, If You Can’t Communicate

    Judi Clements helps human resource professionals, managers, and others take a fresh look at how to be better communicators and motivators. Judi demonstrates how and why communication so often fails in the workplace. You’ll see that good communication is the essential ingredient for motivating employees, giving feedback, and getting teams to work effectively leading to a higher level of employee engagement.

  • Public Speaking & Media Training

    Judi Clements helps you overcome your speaking anxiety whether you are making a speech, You Tube video, podcast, performing in a play, or raising your hand to speak at a meeting. Judi's decades of speaking and performing experience are at your command to help transform you into the best speaker or performer you ever imagined.

  • Implicit Bias in the Workplace

    Judi Clements helps human resource professionals, managers, and others take a fresh look at themselves & their workplaces with respect to potential implicit bias. You will learn about this universal phenomenon: what it is, why it happens, how it happens, and when it is most likely to happen. Second, you see how it may impact the ways you interact with others & do your job. Finally, you’ll learn about the concept of microaggressions and some ways to help reduce bias in your workplace.enthusiastic about their new job.

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