Here’s what Judi Clements’ clients are saying about her training & keynotes.

Steve Smoller, Hospital Employee Relations Managers

Through her company,Judi Clements Training and Development, Judi provides extraordinary service to her clients.Her training programs are fresh, original and very carefully researched and prepared. Judi doesn't dust off her 'greatest hits" programs for a new assignment. She works with company representatives to identify current staff needs and create a custom training program that targets the agreed priorities. Judi's teaching style is dynamic and very interactive. Her seminars are less like a class.....more like an animated conversation in which people really want to participate. (When was the last time you saw a seminar room where everyone really wanted to engage in learning activities? As a client of Judi's, I saw it happen!) In our era of one-size-fits-all, technology-loaded, web-based solutions for everyone which often are little use to anyone), Judi Clements Training and Development programs are a person-to-person experience, professionally created and artfully delivered.

Elaine Angelo, Training Manager, DeCrescente Distributing, Inc.

After bringing Judi Clements to our company, our Sales, Office and Operations management teams are better equipped to handle the many challenges that Supervisors encounter in today’s business climate. Her Supervisory Training Program contained a comprehensive approach to the skills and behaviors required of managers and leaders. Beginning with the transition into Supervision and how to document performance, address employee issues, and working with HR, Judi led our management teams through over 20 modules, including a Review presentation at the end of each of the major sections. Each management team member was required to complete a Training & Development Toolkit that asked about the skills they learned and how they would apply them back on the job. Additionally, Judi required them to meet with their immediate supervisor to discuss what they had learned so that everyone was involved in the learning process.Regardless of the job title, supervisory experience or exposure to professional development, everyone was addressed by Judi with respect, compassion and humor. Judi has the ability to “bridge the gap” with all types of participants to ensure a safe environment for learning, sharing of experiences, and fun group exercises. I found her to be an engaging and flexible facilitator whose only concern was for the participant. Our business is ever-changing, and Judi was always willing to accommodate us and our needs.

Marianne Nasso, Director of Human Resources at Colonie Youth Center

Judi is one of the best trainers that I have had the pleasure to work with. My introduction to Judi began when we worked together at Corporate Health Dimensions. Years later when I was at another company, we had some training needs. I knew immediately who to call. We hired Judi and once again she proved to be a skilled trainer who got the job done. I highly recommend Judi if you or your company is in need of a trainer who is articulate, knowledgeable, and motivating. She is able to make a presentation fun and informative.

Judi Clements Business Presentation

Janet Tanguay, Chief Creativity Coach at Art n Soul

Judi engages an audience like nothing I've ever seen. From small groups to large audiences, Judi is motivating, captivating, engaging, dynamic and all the while never loses her sense of humor. Judi has worked on presentations for me both at Manpower and the Albany Chamber on topics from customer service to growing your business. I greatly respect and admire her expertise and recommend her enthusiastically.

Alissa Quinn, First Vice President / Investments at UBS Financial Services, The Quinn Group

I have worked with Judi since 1986, when she helped me with my very first public speaking engagement. I credit Judi with helping me get all the way to the National Level in a public speaking contest, where I spoke to a group of over 400 women at the age of 23, a springboard experience for my seminar speaking as a Financial Adviser. More recently, I hired Judi again to facilitate my "Professional Women's Network" with her expertise in group dynamics. I would highly recommend Judi for her outstanding results, professional integrity and expertise in group development.

Diane Lustenader, SPHR, CCP, GRP President, Lake Associates

Judi Clements has exceptional success in engaging and motivating her training participants and presentation audiences. As I trainer, I appreciate the preparations Judi invests to make all her engagements achieve their learning goals and for participants to leave with new skills they apply on the job immediately. I enthusiastically recommend Judi.

Donald G. Purdy, Director of University at Albany School of Business' Weekend MBA

I hired Judi to do some training for a CPA firm with which I worked in the mid-90s and was very impressed with what she provided. Combining her keen insight and extensive knowledge with a witty sense of humor, she made learning an extraordinarily memorable experience for the accountants in the room. I would not hesitate to work with Judi again!

Edward Parham, Director of Public Relations/Senior Copywriter at Rueckert Advertising & Public Relations

Judi has provided media training on a number of occasions to my clients at the agency -- and I've also sat through her class at my last position with the American Lung Association. She is extremely talented and a wonderfully gifted communicator. I'd recommend her without hesitation!

Mike Southern, Human Resources Manager, Intermagnetics:

Judi Clements worked closely with our Human Resources Department to craft an 18-hour program that could answer the varied needs of our supervisors. Judi presented all the sessions throughout the country and got excellent reviews. The training was well received and recognized by our supervisors for its interactivity and practicality. Judi was able to deliver an excellent program for us, within a tight time frame. We look forward to other projects with Judi Clements Training & Development.

Laura Lane, Program Director Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce:

I have been fortunate enough to experience Judi Clements’ high energy and captivating programs as both a participant and as a program coordinator. After having heard one of Judi programs, she was the first person I thought of when planning a leadership training session. And as I expected, Judi was a perfect fit for our group.

Judi Clements Business Presentation

Christina M Salgine, Marketing Director, Beacon Pointe

"Your program provided some light-hearted and much needed laughter. The fact that it revolved around common life experiences that all could identify and laugh with was priceless. Everyone enjoyed the program and would love to have you come back again.”

Judith C. Drake, PHR, Human Resources Manager, Tompkins Country SHR M Conference

"The Board heard many wonderful comments about your closing presentation. It was a fantastic presentation to close the day on.”

Kathy Adam, Assistant Director for Public Service, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library

"Judi provided a workshop on "Clutter Management for Busy People" combining practical solutions with a sense of humor that truly engaged our staff. Too often training sessions for staff are not effective because while the informational content may be excellent, the presentation is dry and non-interactive. Judi's unique style involves everyone in activities and the sharing of ideas which is exactly what we hope to accomplish at a staff development day.”

BST Advisory Network class on “How to Handle Difficult Situations”:

  • Liked the openness of the class
  • Liked the discussion with specific examples
  • Found it helpful to go through and identify the different styles of problem communication
  • Great interaction and comments from all the participants

Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Council Symposium on Excellence:

  • Liked the interactive approach
  • Entertaining and engaging – very personable and great insight
  • Everyone was involved and participating
  • She really spoke to my life situation.
  • I enjoyed Judi’s approach and her use of humor to engage people of all generations.
  • Great to learn about this wonderful resource in our community – thanks Judi!
  • I love all of Judi’s seminars!
  • I would love to have Judi speak at my company!

Leadership Columbia County Opening Retreat using the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator:

  • Judi was great, she brought a great energy to the group and kept it interesting; the personality tool provided a very different and eye-opening experience.
  • Enjoyed the lighthearted learning. Enjoyed the changing of group dynamics. Liked the support for diversity and expression of differences.
  • Loved Judi’s enthusiasm. Learning about my personality type and that there is a reason why I do some things I do. Learning that people have different personality types & that I have to learn to tolerate other personalities better. Appreciated the interactions & fun ways Judi has to help us learn.

Columbia Greene JSEC presentation “Attitude, Your Most Precious Possession”:

  • She was awesome! Energetic & Interesting!
  • Fantastic presentation! It was very informative and truly opened my eyes to the way I look at everything. I benefited tremendously by attending.
  • Great speaker: very uplifting and enjoyable. Judi is the reason I came!
  • Judi is excellent – Have her return with other presentations!
  • Judi is great – the best speaker to deliver great information.

Judi Clements Business Presentation

NYSNA Conference “Conflict Management Toolbox”:

  • Very concrete practical ways to look at conflict; Involved audience
  • Great! I loved it!
  • Program moved very quickly. A lot of information presented.
  • Best so far
  • Speaker very effective, lots of energy, good connection
  • Good content and entertaining,, as well as, informative presentation
  • Interacting very, helpful

Leadership Institute at First National Bank of Scotia, NY:

  • Having this insight is an advantage for anyone who has to work with people, and it will have a positive impact on my co-workers as well as my employees. Understanding the basis behind how people interact, their personalities, and how my management style will affect the rapport I build and the supervision strength that I portray will help me both personally and professionally.
  • This training made me realize that I had "lost" my empathy for the "new kid on the block" I had forgotten that I, too, was once the new manager who was presented with employee "situations" that had already been established long before I entered the scene. Now that I've been gently reminded, I have more empathy and willingness to help out the new guy
  • I am more comfortable now when dealing with negative issues. This program has made me aware of the fact that if I ignore a situation, it doesn’t make it go away. I now make it a point to remember to compliment people when they have done a good job and this makes it easier to talk to them about their performance when it is less than what I expect.
  • I am taking away that I need to change my current conflict management style. You can’t change anyone; you can change your behavior. As a supervisor, I set the tone for my employees.
  • The biggest thing I learned was to document positive and negative employee performance and, if need be, write up a formal document. Judi was an excellent instructor. She kept the classes interesting and made feel comfortable.
  • I have learned many things from this program. Some things I have already implemented. The biggest thing that I have to work on is my self esteem. I know I have to be more forceful and delegate more.
  • The class I believe will be most helpful to me was on documentation and discipline. Discipline was always hard for me, as I do not like conflict. Keeping a performance log will be something I will take away from this class.
  • The most important thing that I am taking away from the entire program is the concept of effective communication. Excellent communication skills were a central theme throughout all of the sessions. Effective communication is the key to all healthy relationships. The notebook will be an excellent and valuable resource in the future, and I want to thank Judi for making the class fun, interesting, and a relaxing environment in which to learn.
  • What I have taken away from the whole program is to "stop and smell the roses". Stop and take the time to properly address situations-whether positive or negative. If you take care of your employees-counseling, coaching, communicating, etc and they're happy, there will be a reward in the end.

Joanne Devoe, President DeVoe Associates PR & Marketing

Envision a finely honed sense of humor combined with finely honed professional communications skills! Now imagine the results! That's Judi Clements to a "T!" I have probably know and worked with Judi for over 30 years and have always found her to be the consummate professional whose approach always has a refreshing touch of humor. I suggest you take a look at some of her UTube presentations to see for yourself just what an amazing, genuine educator and presenter you can expect when you are dealing with Judi Clements.

Stephen Dare, Director of College Enhacement Union College

Judi did a number of sessions for us and our staff learned much, especially on the finer points of presenting. It worked well for our internal and external staffs.

Tom Lewis, Realtor

Judi was very instrumental in overcoming my fear of public speaking. She was extraordinarily helpful in training me to organize my thoughts and learn how to prepare a speech, so that I eventually became confident in my own ability. And, she has a great sense of humor. I was very satisfied with her service.

Karin Thorne, Director of Training at NYS Industries for the Disabled

Judi has presented over 35 one-day training sessions on eleven different topics for NYSID members over the past six years. Judi's expertise on each of these topics shows that she researched the subjects well. Her presentation skills are excellent! She makes learning a fun and rewarding experience.

Judi Clements Business Presentation

Laura Brengal, Director of Training at Wildwood

Wildwood Programs has utilized Judi's services in training a select group of Managers and Directors for the past two years. To begin, our staff truly enjoyed her training and felt the information they learned pertinent to their jobs. Judi worked with our HR department in ensuring that the values and philosophy of our organization were incorporated into her trainings. Judi is one of the most organized people I've worked with, in setting up this type of training. We've been extremely happy to have Judi on our team in developing Wildwood's future leaders and look forward to working with her in the future.

Peter Coombs, President Frontline Training & Consulting

Judi is such a valued resource! She brings so much to her clients: experience, knowledge, training expertise, and above all, a great sense of humor. Judi is able to convey concepts and ideas in a clear and compelling manner. Her workshops are always engaging and full of energy and enthusiasm. I recommend Judi without hesitation.

Joan Hebert, Principal Hebert Performance Training

Judi is an outstanding person, a great trainer, and a colleague I am proud to say I'm associated with. I have had the pleasure of knowing Judi for many years through Hudson Mohawk ASTD, as both an accomplished and well respected peer, and as presenters at annual conferences. I would highly recommend Judi.

Nadina Chavez, Relationship Manager at NYS Industries for the Disabled

Judi has been a consultant/trainer for NYSID and NYSID member agencies since 2006. She’s gained a reputation among our member agencies as an excellent mentor, coach, trainer and leader. We’ve decided to hire her again in 2010 with new and exciting topics. I don’t expect anything less than excellent! Through her one-of-a-kind sense of humor she is able to keep the trainings interactive and alive, all the while keeping professionalism and staying on task. I highly recommend her.

Juanita Eckert, President Professional Image Management

Judi is a dynamic trainer. In her seminars on presentation skills you will laugh and learn how to be a dynamic speaker.

Judi Clements Business Presentation

Martha McCormick, Capital Employee Assistance Program

I consider Judi to be top notch in her work. She is unfailingly professional in all regards. Learners find her engaging and stimulating. Judi builds on her years of experience with continuous development of her knowledge base and presentation style. She is highly regarded in the professional community and with good reason.

Kathy La Fond, Human Resources Director Glens Falls Hospital

Judi was hired by my former employer, a local non-profit organization, to provide Level II professional leadership development training. Her classes were interactive, thoughtful, offered real-life practical advice, and (most of all) fun. I still refer to the materials and strategies from Judi's training today - they are that relevant and can apply to a variety of situations. I would highly recommend Judi's training sessions, and not just for leadership training. I also heard Judi speak on the topic of Civility in the Workplace - if you haven't seen this presentation, it is a must for your workplace.

Devon Camerson, New Hope Community

Judi's program was a wonderful addition to our staff development day. Her combination of information and improvisational comedy was just the right mix for our employees. They took away valuable information and lots of good laughs.

Marybeth Stevens-Carhidi, Leader, Healthcare Administration at General Electric Company

Judi Clements has been a trusted and valued resource for our team for over 10 years! I have relied on her skills and expertise to assist our team members in Career Coaching across the board - Executives - Interns and each and everyone comes away with " Wow! That was insightful, valued added and a phenomenal referral!" I have her contact information on speed dial!

Gina Bartosiewicz, Event Planner & Logistics Coordinator

I had the pleasure of meeting with Judi for individual career coaching, and the tools that I walked away with were truly invaluable. Judi’s knowledge, expertise and candor helped me to gain a better understanding of the resources that I needed to succeed in order to put myself in front of other candidates in the job market, and I was immediately able to put what I learned into action. As a result, I was offered an interview almost immediately, confident and prepared for my interview, and landed the position! I highly recommend Judi for her one-on-one, personalized career coaching.

Jeanette Hammel, Director of Volunteers, Glens Falls Hospital

Thank you so much for yesterday morning! I received such great positive feedback from the volunteers who attended all day today. Improv is so difficult yet you and Steve did it effortlessly. You couldn't have ended your last "Scene" any better than how you did. That was a belly laugh. Thanks again for a wonderful, smile filled morning of humor and antics.

Judi Clements Comedy & Business

Rachel Scudder PHR, Human Resources Generalist, Indianpolis Department of Child Services, Human Resources

I just listened in on your webinar on interviewing through Ascentis. I’m e-mailing to say this was one of the BEST, if not THE best, webinar I have ever listened to and watched! Very thorough and great information! I learned some new information and you also reinforced a lot of knowledge I had already gained. Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge today!

Grace C. Stanton, Instructional Designer/Training Coordinator, Columbia Southern Education Group

We will be including Judi's video "Bad Coach vs. Good Coach" in our on-line coaching program. It is a great example of how employees should and should not be coached.

Jeff Dinger

Hi Judi.. just a quick note to say hello.. you pop into my head every so often, especially when I have someone ell me that I should be on the radio, I have you to thank for that, and the skills that I learned from you so many years ago (late 1980's..?? ) anyway, I hope all is well and I am so thrilled to see that you are still in the area and still helping people develop their speech and public speaking skills.. you are truly a very talented lady..! and with all the classes and seminars that I have attended in the last few decades, my skills that I learned with you have proven o be the most valuable. Thanks again.

Patrick Sullivan, National Vice President Field Services, Century 21 Real Estate LLC

We’ve been in a whirlwind since you did the presentation and I did not even get a chance to say job well done. Everyone received great information from you and you kept it very engaging which is tough to do on WebEx for that long.

Edna, Compliance Training Attendee

Will Ms. Clements be scheduling other courses such as the one on public speaking ? I hope so, she’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. I am in medical educating and would be interested in other classes from her.

SUNYA Weekend MBA Student

I found myself very intrigued with Judi's knowledge, experience, & passion....she truly believes and loves the subject matter....

SUNYA Weekend MBA Student

Judi is the whole package-smart, experienced, constantly evolving and refining her own understanding. I so appreciate her expertise & ability to reach students at a wide variety of levels of experience. I'm an experienced speaker & I definitely grew. I saw new speakers also develop tremendously.