Onboarding Employees: Good Beginnings Make Good Employees

May 22, 2018

From the first day new employees start on the job, they begin to make judgments about the company, their manager, their peers, and the job they’ve been hired to do. Too many first days are wasted days with new employees sitting around doing nothing while they wait for their managers to pay attention to them.Often they are funneled into half-hearted orientation programs & bombarded with information overload.Avoid these wasteful traps by going through Judi’s program on how to organize and deliver a comprehensive orientation program.Learn how to develop, not just a program, but a process, that will have new employees immediately productive and quickly invested and enthusiastic about their new job.

If you would like to schedule this program at your organization, contact Judi at 518-371-9184. Or email speaker@nycap.rr.com.. If you would like to attend this event, contact Park Avenue Presentations.