Performance Appraisal: What to Keep & What to Get Rid Of

March 22, 2018

It’s often called the “most dreaded management task”. It’s the performance appraisal. How do you evaluate your employees’ performance without soft peddling the difficult stuff or being hypercritical and risking a defensive reaction? In this program, Judi helps you re-evaluate your performance appraisal system, taking it out of the past and bringing it into the present to enable employees to benefit from a more robust coaching and continuous feedback system.Without a successful performance appraisal process, organizations can fall into the trap of “carrying” poor performers & tacitly endorsing substandard work.Judi shows leaders how to revamp their appraisal practices and turn performance discussions into valuable give-and-take conversations, minimizing defensive reactions and introduces the use of digital tools that take performance discussions into the new age.

If you would like to schedule this program at your organization, contact Judi at 518-371-9184. Or email If you would like to attend this event, contact Edupliance.