Public Speaking & Media Training

Did you know that public speaking is considered the #1 fear, even over death? Do you dread the thought of standing in front of a group and speaking or standing in front of a camera or microphone? Is this holding back your career? Have you lost out on important opportunities because you just couldn’t get up the nerve to speak? Judi Clements takes away the anxiety and misinformation about public speaking and on-camera work. You’ll learn all the basic skills you need to overcome stage fright, prepare a presentation, and deliver it effectively. You’ll learn how to organize your notes, utilize visual aids, and project your voice & body language assertively. Judi helps you put speaking anxiety behind you whether you are speaking to a small audience, large auditorium, TV camera, or live microphone.

If you would like to schedule this program at your organization or schedule a private session, contact Judi at 518-371-9184. Or email