Anti-Harassment Intervention for Managers & HR: New Focus on an Old Problem

March 21, 2018

Recent Harvey Weinstein and other newsworthy revelations have highlighted a surprising lack of understanding about an issue that affects every workplace: sexual harassment.How common is it?Why don’t more victims report it?What should be done to prevent it?Human resource professionals are likely to face more questions, complaints, and situations as more employees find their voices and say “Me too; I’ve been sexually harassed and won’t stand for it anymore. “The “workplace” has changed from a single site to a vast array of locations, off-site offices, internet sites, and international destinations. With that, the workplace is also mix of generations, ethnic backgrounds, and personality types. These conditions have brought challenges and opportunities including sexual harassment.In this program, you will have the opportunity to brush up your knowledge specifically about sexual harassment prevention & discipline and get new insights to prepare you for what may likely be a new onslaught of challenges.

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