Services Overview

Management Training

Judi Clements’ “Team Interaction Method” involves managers & supervisors in real life case studies, simulations, and group discussions that teach them how to “think like a manager”. They’ll learn how to avoid the legal landmines that come with 21st century management and develop the communication skills to build rapport and respect from their employees. They’ll learn how to set a positive work environment and utilize performance management tools that motivate and inspire employees.

Public Speaking & Media Training

Judi Clements takes away the anxiety and misinformation about public speaking and on-camera work. You’ll learn all the basic skills you need to overcome stage fright, prepare a presentation, and deliver it effectively. You’ll learn how to organize your notes, utilize visual aids, and project your voice & body language assertively. Judi helps you put speaking anxiety behind you whether you are speaking to a small audience, large auditorium, TV camera, or live microphone.

Customer Service Training

Judi Clements shows your employees how to deliver superior customer service through superior customer communication. They’ll learn how to make a positive first impression, establish rapport, and uncover customer wants & needs. They’ll learn how to develop more confidence when dealing with difficult customers & turn complaints into buying opportunities.

Executive Coaching

Judi Clements works with both seasoned executives, and those aspiring to leadership positions, to help them gain the skills they need to succeed. Meeting in the comfort of Judi’s office or theirs, Judi helps them develop the skills and attitudes to communicate with authority and persuasiveness.

Facilitation, Mediation, & Master of Ceremonies

Judi Clements is an experienced facilitator, mediator, & master of ceremonies whose dynamic personality and people skills can turn any board meeting, leadership retreat, share-holder meeting, or other event into a success. Judi’s assertive, yet welcoming, style ensures participants stay engaged and get the most out of each event.

Webinars & MBTI ®

Judi Clements offers informative webinars, teleconferences, and audio conferences that you can participate in at your office, home or on the go. Produced through a variety of top flight companies throughout the country, Judi is a presenter for such on-line organizations as Park Avenue Presentations, Progressive Business Executive Education, & Educator One. She can also present programs using your organization’s technology.

Judi Clements is a qualified Myers Briggs Personality Indicator® consultant. She has the credentials to administer the MBTI® to staff and managers, as well as, interpret results either, one-on-one, or in group training. The MBTI® is the most popular personality tool in the United States and beyond. Every year, thousands of business professionals use the MBTI to help enhance their communication, management, and business skills.