Customer Service: Turning Your Employees Into Customer Service Geniuses

Competition has accelerated in all service areas. Often the only thing that separates one organization from another is its service. In this program, Judi Clements shows you how to deliver better customer service through better customer communication.

You will learn that every organization has customers, even if it is only internal customers and that to be productive, customers must be listened to and treated with respect. She shows you how to create a service-oriented culture by making employees aware of the how they create a first impression through their greetings, choice of words, and actions.

She shows you how to eliminate defense provoking language and decrease the chances of alienating customers through poor word choice and tone of voice.

"The customer may not always be right; but the customer IS always the customer."

Your employees will feel more enthusiastic about their jobs after this informative, interactive, & humorous program.

Available as a 2-4 hour Workshop

Learn how to:

  • Distinguish between good service and great service.
  • Serve both internal & external customers
  • Self assess your customer service skills and competencies.
  • Adjust your "attitude" to improve service delivery.
  • Utilize an effective service protocol.
  • Make a positive first impression.
  • Adjust your style to suit the customer’s style.
  • Analyze customer wants & needs.
  • Utilize active listening to improve service.
  • Deliver great service in person, over the phone, or via the Internet.
  • Improve the sound of your voice.
  • Select words that will help, not hurt, your service delivery.
  • Add it up for increased efficiency and increased business results