Coaching Services Overview

Judi Clements Training & Development offers Executive Coaching in her Clifton Park office or at your business location. Each coaching appointment is usually 1-2 hours in length, and the total number of sessions is determined by the goals set in the initial session. Each session is customized to your unique needs. Here are some of the areas Judi can help you develop:

PRESENTATION: Learn how to overcome speaking anxiety and prepare and deliver a dynamic presentation. Learn how to customize your presentation to the audience you are speaking to and incorporate stories and examples that make your presentation a cut above. Learn how to organize your presentation in a way that makes it easy to deliver and easy for your audience to listen to and remember.

YOU TUBE: Learn how to master the art of video presentation on You Tube . Learn how to give a concise presentation in under 3 minutes that will entertain and inform a variety of viewers. Overcome camera-fear and learn to play your voice like an instrument.

MEDIA: Learn how to give an effective radio or television interview. Master the art of the "sound-bite" and overcome your fear of the camera. Learn how to stay in control of the interview and make sure you get your point across, even in a hostile environment.

INTERVIEWING: Learn how to put your best foot forward in any interview. Learn how to answer behavioral questions with on-point answers that show off your unique talents and abilities. Learn how to think on your feet when unexpected questions come your way.

MANAGEMENT: Learn how to be a better leader, delegator, and motivator. Learn how to assertively get your message out to your employees and encourage them to be the best they can be. Learn how to overcome the obstacles facing every manager on the job.

MYERS BRIGGS: Take the MBTI Personality assessment and learn more about yourself and learn how to read other people so that you can be a better communicator on the job and at home. With the MBTI, you will gain new insight into why you may be having difficulty working and getting along with some people and how you can overcome these barriers.

VOICE PROJECTION: Have you always been told you speak too softly? Or have you always hated the sound of your voice? Judi can help you transform your voice into a powerful speaking instrument. She will show you how to use both your voice and body language to enhance your written message in new ways that will help you in all you do.

Judi believes: “Wisdom is knowing what to do; skill is knowing how to do it; and virtue is doing it.”