Network & Turn Contacts into Business

It has often been said that the secret to success in business is “who you know”. If you have ever turned down networking opportunities because you didn’t feel confident about making a good impression, you are only hurting yourself. Networking is essential; however, networking incorrectly is just a waste of time. If you're attending networking events for the free food or just to talk to the people you already know, you're missing out on important business opportunities. In this program, Judi shows you how to put your best foot forward when mixing & mingling with business contacts. You’ll learn how to develop a unique description of your business, as well as, talking points about your service & how it can assist prospects. You’ll learn easy strategies for generating conversation with strangers & overcoming anxiety when meeting & greeting the public. You'll learn how to turn your face-to-face conversations into golden business opportunities.

Designed to help people develop the skills to meet new prospects and start conversations that can easily evolve into productive business relationships

You’ll learn to:

  • Introduce yourself to a group of strangers
  • Work into a conversation others are having
  • Start a casual conversation effortlessly
  • Get other people to approach you
  • Adjust your style to suit different personalities
  • Project confidence with your body language & voice
  • Eliminate image-damaging habits
  • Get more value from networking functions
  • Feel more at ease in new situations
  • Follow-up your networking encounters

Available as 1-1 coaching or group training (1, 2, or 3 hour programs)