Facilitation & Mediation


Judi Clements is an experienced meeting facilitator who can assist you at your next Board Meeting, Leadership Retreat, Share-holder Meeting, or other event. Judi’s assertive, yet welcoming facilitation style ensures that your meeting participants stay focused on the agenda within the time limits allotted.

Judi helps all participants have a voice in the meeting, preventing talkative members from taking over, and encouraging non-participators to join in the conversation. She expertly handles interpersonal conflict, re-directs disruptive behavior, and deflects personal attacks. With Judi in the facilitator role, your meeting proceeds with civility and purpose.


Judi Clements is a trained mediator who can use her experience in reasoning, problem solving and peacemaking to mediate workplace conflicts. If your organization has two parties in dispute and wishes to avoid the legal intricacies of litigation, Judi can help facilitate an equitable solution.

When mediating, Judi helps participating parties evaluate, assess, and decide on mutually beneficial solutions. Judi helps organizations avoid the delays, high costs, publicity, and ill will brought on by litigation. Judi listens, sorts through the differences between the two parties, and helps them find common ground. Judi’s approach is honest, neutral, creative and encouraging.

Master of Ceremonies

With her background in stage, radio, and television, Judi Clements is a natural choice for Master of Ceremonies at awards ceremonies, employee recognition events, charity fundraisers, or other special events. Judi helps you plan an agenda that will move the event along in an entertaining way. Judi warms up the audience with humor, introduces your speakers, keeps your event on schedule, and ends the event with a final humorous or inspirational send-off.