Communication Essentials for Managers: You Can't Manage if You Can't Communicate

Time after time, problems arise in the workplace because of poor communication & management. Often people go through years of management development without proper training in basic interpersonal skills. This can hurt them as move into middle and senior management positions. In this webinar, Judi Clements helps human resource professionals, managers, and others take a fresh look at how to be better communicators & motivators. Judi demonstrates how & why communication so often fails in the workplace. She’ll show you how a simple misunderstanding can accelerate into a workplace disaster, how technology has both helped and hurt interpersonal communication, & how becoming a good communicator can enhance productivity and reduce workplace errors. You’ll see have good communication is the essential ingredient for motivating employees, giving feedback, and getting teams to work effectively leading to a higher level of employee engagement.

Available as as 1-4 Hour Program

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You’ll learn:

  • What makes an effective communicator
  • How to assess your communication strengths & challenges
  • Why communication gets easily derailed
  • How to use the right medium for the right impact
  • How to turn disengaged employees into better performers through good communication
  • How to listen, not just “hear“
  • How to gain non-verbal fluency
  • How to use your speaking voice for optimal results
  • How technology may be helping or hurting your communication
  • How to add enhanced communication skills to your management” toolkit”