Cross Gender Communication: Leveraging the Differences

How can men and women have such different ideas about the same conversation?

It’s a sticky subject that some organizations don’t want to talk about, but it’s true. Men & women communicate differently & that can cause communication challenges. Accepting this reality & learning how to work with it is an important part of doing business. Only then can these differences bring new ideas and productivity to teams and organizations. Why deny the differences in the way male and female brains work and communicate? Utilizing these differences can bring new ideas and creative results to any organization.

Organizations can be more productive if they leverage the differences in the way men and women communicate, rather than trying to deny these differences or work against these differences.

In this program, Judi helps your employees understand that differences can be celebrated & leveraged to enhance productivity. Using her signature style of humor & team interaction, Judi takes your employees through a series of case studies where gender differences collide. She’ll show employees how to analyze differences in communication style & content and work around those differences. She’ll help your employees build a better appreciation for what men & women bring to the workplace when they work cooperatively.

Available as a 1-4 hour Workshop


  • Why men & women communicate differently
  • What they communicate about
  • When they prefer to communicate
  • How their styles differ
  • How to utilize these differences

Learn How To:

  • Break down the brick walls between men & women
  • Understand why men & women see things from different perspectives
  • Approach conflict productively
  • Appreciate gender differences in humor & non verbal communication
  • Avoid making gender-specific communication blunders
  • Build a communication bridge between men & women