Difficult Conversations with Employees

"The largest room in the world is the room for improvement."

Today’s workplace carries more challenges than ever before. Managers are called upon to deal with a diverse workforce with diverse challenges. Often communication can break down when managers have to deliver tough news about substandard performance, workplace change, team conflict, or any number of other problems. Many employees enter the workplace with anger management, substance abuse, mental health, and personal issues that overflow into the workplace. In this program, Judi Clements gives you some valuable guidelines for handling difficult interactions with employees, co-workers, and others. You’ll learn some effective ways to facilitate dialogue with your employees in a way that lets you maintain control while bringing out the best in each of them.


  • Goals to achieve in difficult employee conversations
  • Causes of communication breakdown
  • How to deal with defensiveness
  • Ways to stay in control of the conversation
  • How to set a positive communication climate
  • How to utilize Active Listening
  • How to read verbal and nonverbal behavior
  • How to stay safe and avoid potential volatility
  • Tips for specific encounters including: employee conflict, counseling, harassment, & termination

Available as a 2-6 hour Interactive Workshop