Generational Diplomacy: Appreciating & Utilizing Our Differences

For the first time in the world of work, we have a new situation to deal with: four generations working side by side. Each generation has its own unique work style & key motivators. How can managers get these generations to work well together? In this program, Judi shows you how to identify & lead the diverse individuals & teams in your organization. Through a series of interesting case studies, discussions, & activities, you’ll experience the difference between the way the generations think & work, and you’ll learn how to make these differences blend, not collide.

Learn how to:

  • Distinguish between “stereotypes” & “generalizations”
  • Utilize generalizations to understand the generation mix
  • Distinguish between 4-generations in the workplace
  • Pinpoint historical & cultural influences that have shaped each generation’s traits
  • Embrace the principle of “Generational Tolerance”

When differences are encouraged, productivity & creativity increase. - Claire Raines

Learn how to:

  • Identify each generation’s workstyle, values, & motivators
  • Pinpoint key areas of generational differences
  • Describe how these areas account for differences on the job
  • Distinguish between how the generations want and need to be managed
  • Master 8-Intergenerational “Management Best Practices”


  • Several team interaction activities
  • A generational game
  • A generational case study
  • A generational tool kit

Available as a 1-4 hr Workshop