Motivation & Coaching: Raising the Bar -The Secrets of Employee Engagement

Often what a manager says to an employee one-on-one can make or break that employee’s performance. Good managers don’t wait for mistakes; they provide regular motivation and coaching to help employees avoid them. In this program, Judi shows you how to become a great motivator & coach. You’ll learn how to develop the communication skills you need to relate to your employees in a way that will encourage each of them to work better, smarter, & harder. With these tools, your employees will reach a new level of employee engagement and tap into their zones of creativity and high productivity.

  • Why managers can’t really motivate employees and how to get them to self-motivate
  • Why more money doesn’t equal more productivity
  • Why daily feedback is even more important than any other reward
  • The do’s & don’t of giving feedback
  • How to ask questions that encourage employees to learn new skills
  • How to determine when an employee needs coaching

You can only make others better by being good yourself!

  • How to individualize your approach to each employee’s needs
  • How to do “just-in-time-coaching”
  • How to set goals that challenge, inspire, & engage employees
  • The manager's role in developing a culture based on motivation & coaching

Available as a 1-4 hour Workshop