Assertive Communication: Say What You Mean

How wonderful it is to say the right thing at the right time!

“I just didn’t know what to say”. How many times have you been caught in a tough situation and not been able to think of what to say fast enough. Have you ever let someone get the better of you because you didn’t have the nerve to speak up?. In this fast paced world, speaking up is essential for getting what you want and need. In this program, Judi teaches you how to get over the barriers of non-assertiveness. You’ll learn how to say what you want to, when you want to. You’ll learn how to put your own needs out in front, without being aggressive. Whether you’re dealing with clients, co-workers, managers, or personal relationships, this program will help you succeed.

Available as a 1-4 hour Workshop or as One-on-One Coaching

Learn how to:

  • Self assess your assertiveness level
  • Distinguish between 3-communication/behavior styles
  • Develop the 4 most important components for assertive communication
  • Effectively use imagery, reframing, & positive self talk to improve self confidence
  • Make assertive word choices and direct requests
  • Deflect harsh criticism without blame
  • Speak up to difficult or angry people
  • Say “no” without guilt or alienation
  • Use your voice to make a good impression & communicate your points clearly
  • Master the keys for ovecoming speaking anxiety
  • Eliminate nonassertive body language