Communication: Just Because You’re Talking, Doesn’t Mean You’re Communicating

Effective Workplace Communication

"You can only make others better by being better yourself." -Rose Wiesen

Time after time problems arise in the workplace because of poor communication. Often people go through years of schooling without proper training in basic interpersonal skills. This can hurt them when they enter the world of work.In this program, Judi gives you a “crash course” in how to be a better communicator. You’ll learn everything from how to choose the right method of communication to how to play your speaking voice like a musical instrument. You’ll learn how to read body language & master the subtleties of nonverbal communication & effective listening. You’ll see how becoming a good communicator can enhance productivity and reduce workplace errors.

Available as a 1-6 Hour Workshop

Learn how to:

  • Pinpoint the characteristics of effective communicators
  • Self assess your communication skills
  • Diagnose how & why communication succeeds or breaks down
  • Choose the best communication medium for getting your point across
  • Understand the causes of misunderstanding between people & how to diminish them
  • Develop a positive communication climate to enhance productivity
  • Overcome destructive defensiveness & conflict
  • Differentiate “hearing” from “listening” & use active listening
  • Use & interpret nonverbal communication for results
  • Use your speaking voice to get results