Nonverbal Communication: Your Persuasive Advantage

The Nonverbal Communication Learner’s Manual

Are you looking for ways to improve the impact of your communication? Would you like to have more persuasive power? Do you want to project a more confident image? Would you like to be able to read people better? In this program, Judi teaches you the science and art of nonverbal communication.

You will learn how to read other people's nonverbal cues, as well as, learn now to project clearer nonverbal messages of your own. Whether you are a manager, front line employee, sales professional, or any one who deals with others, these nonverbal skills will help you achieve better results.

It’s not what you say, but what you do when you say it that counts.

You’ll learn how to project and read facial expressions, body language, communication distances, and many other useful nonverbal tools. Whether you’re in management, sales, customer service, or any other people environment, this interactive and fun program will help you become more effective.

Available as a 1-4 hour Workshop

Learn how to:

  • Assess the impact of your nonverbal communication
  • Master the key nonverbal tools: body language, proxemics, & personal indicators
  • Use nonverbals to reinforce your verbal communication
  • Read & interpret nonverbals in others
  • Use nonverbals to project persuasiveness & confidence
  • Use nonverbals to build rapport
  • Use nonverbals to ease conflict
  • Avoid offensive nonverbals