Public Speaking in the Digital Age: Content, Graphics, & Overcoming Stage Fright

Did you know that public speaking is considered the #1 fear, even over death? Do you dread the thought of standing in front of a group and speaking? Is this holding back your career? Have you lost out on important opportunities because you just couldn’t get up the nerve to speak? Have you avoided management advancement because you feared it would entail speaking in front of groups? Now is the time to learn the tools that can make you an effective speaker and calm those out-of-control nerves.

If you think great speakers are born, not made, you are mistaken. Everyone can acquire the skills to become an engaging and effective speaker. All it takes is the right training and coaching. Under the expert instruction of Judi Clements, you can learn how to prepare and deliver leading edge presentations of all types for business or personal uses.

You'll learn how to tailor your programs to your audience, get your audiences to pay attention to your message, laugh at humorous stories, and listen to your perusasive arguments.

Stand up to be seen, speak up to be heard, and shut up to be appreciated.- Rose Wiesen

In this program, Judi takes away the anxiety and misinformation about public speaking. You’ll learn all the basic skills you need to overcome stage fright, prepare a presentation, and deliver it effectively. You’ll learn how to organize your notes, utilize visual aids, and project your voice & body language assertively. Judi helps you put speaking anxiety behind you.

Presentation Development

Learn how to:

  • Clarify your speaking goals
  • Adjust your message to your audience
  • Organize your ideas logically
  • Cut presentation prep time
  • Develop effective speech openers
  • Develop effective speech closers
  • Use humor, anecdotes, & examples
  • Keep your presentation within the given time limits
  • Use Power Point & other visual aids
  • Answer difficult questions
  • Present product demonstrations
  • Speak at trade shows
  • Conduct webinars & podcasts
  • Speak on a panel
  • Present winning sales presentations

Presentation Delivery

Learn how to:

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Turn nervousness into charisma
  • Improve the sound of your voice
  • Eliminate distracting verbal & nonverbal habits
  • Utilize effective eye contact
  • Utilize gestures & other body language
  • Keep your speech within time limits
  • Present effectively on a panel
  • Present effective sales presentations

One-on-One Speech Coaching

  • Available after training or in place of group training

Program Options:

  • Presentation Development: 3-6 Hours
  • Presentation Delivery: 3-6 Hours
  • Combined Program: 1-2 Days
  • One-on-One Coaching: Hourly or Per Diem