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When the workload is so intense you can’t take the time for face-to-face training, Judi Clements can deliver training to your organization as an informative webinar. This allows programs to reach your employees throughout the country & throughout the world, Judi's talent as a lively public speaker & stand-up comic makes her webinars informative, & entertaining.

Her programs cover a variety of topics from communication to management. You set-up the webinar and Judi dials into the program with her Power Point slides and robust commentary.

Webinar Topics to Choose From:


Judi Clements Webinars

Customer Service

Management/Human Resources


Judi Clements administers the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator ®, interprets the results, and offers a number of interactive MBTI training programs.

The MBTI® is the most widely used and reliable personality inventory in the field of training & organizational development. Judi is a qualified MBTI ®practitioner who has worked with dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals to achieve greater results using the MBTI®.

Why use a Qualified MBTI Practitioner?

Over two-and-a-half million people take the MBTI every year and use the results to improve their work performance. The MBTI® is the first step when developing leaders, establishing teams, managing diversity, and empowering employees in any quality-driven organization. With Judi’s experience, individuals gain a clearer understanding of their results and how they can apply these results to their personal and professional lives.

How is it administered?

The MBTI® is administered in paper form as an easy to score inventory, requiring about 20 minutes. Once the results are tabulated, participants take part in a training or coaching session that helps them understand the principles of the MBTI®, the meaning of their results, and how they can put the information to work on and off the job.

What results can we expect from the MBTI?

The MBTI® helps:

  • Develop new managers & leaders
  • Enhance management & leadership performance
  • Foster a positive communication climate
  • Improve team interaction
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict
  • Renew employee motivation & commitment
  • Reduce individual & organizational stress
  • Harmonize working relationships in a diverse workforce
  • Improve one-on-one communication
  • Enhance customer service