Approach to Training

Judi Clements Training & Development offers face-to-face training solutions and keynote speeches for staff and management development. From 1-hour programs to multi-day workshops and keynotes, Judi’s original presentations help your employees develop the communication and management skills they need to do their jobs better.

Judi’s original Team Interaction Method puts teams of co-workers together to participate in interactive training activities that give them hands-on practice in communication, professional development, wellness, customer service, and management. Judi offers high energy programs that combine learning with job relevancy & fun.

When it comes to the art of communication and management, Judi believes there is no substitute for face-to-face training. Judi is a facilitator of learning; she helps her trainees become co-mentors, learning how to coach one another and grow together professionally. Your employees re-discover their love of learning through working co-operatively.

With more than twenty years of training experience, Judi has authored over 50 training programs that combine up-to-the-minute research with case studies, simulations, and group discussions. Judi has spent years developing her own concepts, teaching methods, and interactive activities that intrigue and stretch participants. Judi’s interactive workbooks provide an invaluable take-away that enable participants to renew their learning for a long time after the initial training.

Judi uses her stand-up comedy and stage experience to bring humor and a relaxed environment to even the most serious topics. You’ll never see a boring slide show or waste time playing a hokey game in one of Judi’s programs. Judi can breathe new life into your in-services, management development, conferences, meetings, recognition events or board retreats with her practical, real-world programs.