Performance Appraisals

It’s often called the “most dreaded management task”. It’s the performance appraisal. How do you evaluate your employees’ performance without soft peddling the difficult stuff or being hyper critical and risking a defensive reaction?

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.

In this program, Judi prepares your managers & supervisors for this difficult, yet very important, job. Without a successful performance appraisal process, organizations can fall into the trap of “carrying” poor performers & tacitly endorsing substandard work. Judi shows your leaders how to utilize your organization’s performance appraisal form and use behavioral, not attitudinal language to ensure legal compliance and optimal employee development. Judi turns the “most dreaded management task” into a positive experience for all.

Available as a 3-6 hour Workshop

Learn how to:

  • Keep an Employee Performance Log
  • Use Log Notes to write appraisals
  • Utilize your organization’s appraisal form
  • Write annual performance goals
  • Write performance improvement plans
  • Prepare for an appraisal meeting
  • Encourage employees to self-appraise
  • Encourage employees to appraise you
  • Encourage employees to set annual performance goals
  • Encourage employees to identify areas for improvement and/or development
  • Anticipate & manage employee defensiveness, anger, or other emotions
  • Ensure the appraisal process has “no surprises”
  • Use performance appraisal as a Performance Management tool